FOOD ENGINEERING - Department Information   
Language Turkish
Program Time (Year) 4
Max.Program Time (Year) 7
Program Quota
Internships Status Absent
.Graduate Degree FOOD ENGINEER
About Programme
Hacettepe University Food Engineering Department, established in 1976 and produced its first graduates in 1980, continues its educational and research activities ever since. The curriculum of the food engineering department is designed to prepare students for research and practice in engineering. For this reason, the department offers courses in basic sciences for the first year, and intensive basic and food engineering, and technology courses thereafter. The main language of instruction is Turkish, and one-third of the total courses is lectured in English .One year preparatory education in English is also given. The educational, research and administrative activities are carried out by 37 academic staff and 9 administrative staff. The department building possesses 6 excellent lecture rooms, 1 seminar room, 4 students` laboratories and 12 research laboratories installed with finest and modern equipment. The department offers undergraduate and graduate courses in various fields of food engineering, leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Department`s graduates gain ´food engineer` title.
Qualification Awarded
Bachelor's Degree
Admission Requirements
To be admitted to the department of food engineering, candidates must be a graduate of a lycee or its foreign equivalent and also must have sufficient mathematical score (MS) in national university exam (LYS) ( Department accepts students with (LYS) (MF)-4 scoring system.
Higher Grade Transition
Master's Degree
Graduation Requirements
For graduation, the student must complete successfully all courses, applications and training courses set out by the department in accordance with for HU Associate Degree, Bachelor`s Degree Education and Examination Regulation`s conditions. Also the student has to complete the general credit amount identified as 136 credit and provide at least 2,00 cumulative GPA and he/she hadn`t been broken off with the university to the reasons that identified in the 29th subclause of this regulation. (
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
The graduates can participate in all areas of food industry and in certain public instutituons, in fields of production and production planning, process design as well as processing, preservation, quality control and marketing of food materials.
Assessment and Grading